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Hey peeps.

2009-09-14 21:46:12 by Yoshifan1000

Me on DevientArt ; )

I have one very important question. If pinochio said his nose would grow, what would happen?

Anyway, I'm bored. So... I have made a few pics on Devient Art. Heres a picture that isn't on my page:

Hey peeps.


2009-07-15 21:16:38 by Yoshifan1000

Havent posted anything in awhile. So here. I've been playin Resident Evil 4. difficult little bugger. Games ratings are not just for blood gore violence etc. Its also for difficulty...

Idea 1

2009-02-22 22:21:26 by Yoshifan1000

Since Im no good at flash animating, Im gonna tell everyone my idea. Ever hear of Yoshi's Island? Well, using sprites from that, I think a great game could be made. It would be a lot like the mini game where Yoshi and bandit battles with watermelons. A battle betwen the Yoshis and Bandits. Choose either side. Melons= amo. Its obvious that Green is for seeds, red for fire, and blue for ice. custom melons maybe useful for other attacks. It would be 2-D. It could be capture the flag OR Getting KOs. Teams or an all out KO fest. mutiple stages- built so that melon attacks can effect them. multiplayer would be awsome. If someone does take my idea, give credit. And when you do make the game, tell me so I can check it out. :D

Idea 1

Im new.

2009-02-08 21:40:32 by Yoshifan1000

Well, I think that sums it up. Im new. Deal.